Change code order

Lots of people requested the ability to change the code order. You can now do so in two ways:

  • Drag and drop using the mouse
  • Press Shift and left or right arrow on the keyboard when a code is selected

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 14.24.35.png

Updated Privacy Policy

We've updated our privacy policy. Here are some key changes:

Explicit GDPR compliance statement

We've always been compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We've updated our privacy policy to make this more clear and outline the key components on how we comply.

Clarification on how we use your data

We're using your uploaded text data to improve the engine behind We've outlined this explicitly in the new privacy policy. You are still the sole owner of your data and can remove it from the platform at any time.

To read the new Privacy Policy, go to the registration on

Engine improvements

We've been working hard to improve the engine behind over the last couple of weeks.

Specifically, we've added better support for listing questions such as in brand perception questions. is now able to pick up different spellings much quicker than before.

This works by comparing the code name to the answers in a clever way. To maximize effectiveness of this we depend on you choosing the code name correctly.

Some examples of code names:

  • Bad: "Pepsi/Pepsi Cola/Pepsi Beverages", Good: "Pepsi"
  • Bad: "Bang&Olufsen/B&O", Good: "Bang&Olufsen"

If you have any questions regarding this improvement or are unsure how to name your codes, contact us via the chat.

Please note that this improvement only applies if the answers are short (less than 8 words per answer on average).

Project structure for better data organization

Many of you asked for a better way to manage entire projects instead of having your questions separated in different entities.

We're proud to announce that the project structure is ready.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 21.19.44.png


Here's how your data is organized: The top level object is a project which can have one or more questions.


When you go manage, you'll see your projects. By clicking on a project you can view the questions associated with it and edit them or jump right into coding.


Now you can upload entire projects at once, just click on "ADD TEXT COLUMN" to add columns as additional questions.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 21.33.22.png

Your data should be organized in a spreadsheet in the following way:

|  ID| Question 1                  | Question 2                  | ...
|   1| first answer to question 1  | first answer to question 2  | ...
|   2| second answer to question 1 | second answer to question 2 | ...

Existing data

We've created new projects for all your existing data (called "surveys" previously). All of these projects just contain one question which we've named "Question 1" (you can change that obviously). Note that you cannot merge projects or add new questions to a project for the moment. Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 21.48.58.png

WEBINAR on automated NPS driver analysis for Sonos

Maurice Gonzenbach, (final) (1) copy 2.png

Join together with Success Drivers on August 28th, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST to learn more about you can simplify and automate your NPS programs with, click here to register for free

Tags for better data organization

Many of you have already uploaded dozens of surveys to and asked for a better way to organize the different projects.

We're listening. That's why we created tags.


You can create new tags from the manage surveys page, by clicking on the checkmark in the leftmost column and then clicking the edit symbol in the table header.

A survey can have many different tags. By filtering, you can quickly find the one which you are currently looking for.

Easier in-app support & feedback

Amazing support and listening to your feedback --

those are core pillars of our service. To make it even easier for you to get in touch with us, you can now reach us with one click through our in app-chat.


Click on this icon on the bottom right of your screen to talk to us! 👩‍💻

Sentiment detection

Often one of the most interesting properties in a response is its sentiment.

That's why now gives you the sentiment for every answer

It can be one of five categories:

  • negative,
  • slightly negative
  • neutral
  • slightly positive
  • positive

The sentiment predictions are available instantly for all surveys (existing ones and new ones). To change the prediction, just click on the donut to open the edit menu.

To show or hide the sentiment results, go to View Options and toggle the Show sentiment switch.

We're excited to hear how this works for you and what else we can do to help you be more efficient! 🚀

Append answers to existing Survey

Many of our customers want to start coding responses on as soon as they arrive in their system. While this was already possible using our API, from now on you can also do this using the web interface:


To append answers to an existing survey, just click the plus icon on the Manage page. Once you uploaded your additional responses, the AI will automatically make predictions for them based on your existing coding. 🧐

SPSS File Support

As requested by some customers, we are now also supporting SPSS (.sav) files, both for importing and exporting data.

SPSS Data Export

Try it out and let us know if you have further suggestions for improvements! 📈

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